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A stand-alone product, fully produced and not just a video of the stage play.  ~ Daily Herald
"I took my mother-in-law and we almost and to carry her to the car she was laughing so hard!" Deseret News
"Side-splitting... Arrington's rubber face and kooky family charactistics makes me think he was at my family runion!"
                              ~  Saucy young fellow leaving the theatre
Christmas can be overly eventful but you do NOT want to miss the Farley's Xmas. A crazier Xmas you'll never see!
" My eyes are poppin' - my face is hurting - I need an aspirin for my headache from laughing so hard!" ~  Audience Member
"Christmas tomfoolery! The Farley vs. Christmas and luckily Christmas wins. " ~  SCERA Organization
The all too famous Twofer.  "It's such a blesseen!" 
                                                                ~ Aunt Pearl
“A tremendous show… could join Mark Twain or Give’em Hell, Harry as a one-man  classic of American Theatre… It is worth seeing again and again.”
                                                           ~  The Deseret News
A sly and fetching portrait of one of the least known great men left in the history of the United States. 
                                                                ~ Boston Globe
From the actual records, letters, and speeches of this little understood historical figure.  A powerful introduction.
"... a legend in his own time, Kimball was known for his colorful language ("leftovers from my cowboy days"), down-to-earth sermons, and the way he related to common, ordinary people.... ALL THAT GLITTERS ISN'T GOLD, BUT J. GOLDEN SHOW IS."  ~  Deseret News 
 Part of the appeal of this show is the way the character seeks to replace fiction with fact as he looks back over his long life.
The gift of laughter from the funniest General Authority ever!
FOR  YOUR EARS ONLY -  A talk with insights and pieces of the original script intermixed. Thouroughly informative entertaining with new and fascinating insights.